Cilifor Top


Dominating most views from the village of Llanrhidian is the mighty millstone grit summit of Cilifor Hill (cil meaning retreat in Welsh). Such prominent land features were well favoured during the Iron Age for building hill forts and earthworks and, occupying eight acres of land, this site is the largest such fortification ever developed in Gower.

Cilifor Top from Cefn Bryn

This early community at Cilifor was well defended by the construction of three enormous banks. These can still be seen today following the natural contours of the hill. Within these banks, upon the summit of Cilifor, there is evidence that there were probably three or more large hut sites. Further investigations have also revealed that this prime spot, overlooking North Gower, faced quite heated battles and was seized during the Middle Ages when a ringwork castle was built on the hill's South-East corner.

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