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Miscellaneous Information:

I have lived close to the Gower Peninsula, in Swansea since 1994, when I was first introduced to the region by my husband Chris Elphick.  We studied Photography, BA (Hons), together at West Surrey College of Art and Design (Farnham).

Gower is quite simply beautiful and awesome.  Its wide-ranging natural diversity is a treasure trove to photographers, writers and admirers of the natural world.  It demands to be recorded and shared!


Llangennith Sands #llangennith #gowerbeach #gower #sea

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Explore Gower was created in 2000 as a result of a few early attempts to teach myself web design.  At the time the website was one of only about three Gower websites of note; before Wikipedia had launched and before Google became the world's favourite search engine!

Back then the features of the Internet that caught my attention were the abilities to search for and share information.  This was just before the dot-com bubble took hold, where companies thought they could get-rich-quick by charging for online services which even extended to subscription-based information access.  Even today some information can be behind a paywall!  

Thankfully it wasn't long before Internet trends returned to the free information ethos I loved, with the rise of forums and Wikipedia, and eventually on to the social media networks everyone recognises today: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Pinterest and a wide variety of user commenting systems.

These days we are all authors.  We can publish content from mobile devices and need not be shackled to a desk anymore.  Technology has changed who has the voice of authority and has made publishing more accessible to everyone.

Explore Gower continues to be my hobby website with the same ethos that started my interest in technology and led to a job as an IT tutor.  These days Explore Gower is just one more voice in a loud, active conversation of facts and opinion; therefore my publishing aims will be to contribute added value by filling the little gaps with my own unique perspective.

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