Cycling in Gower

The Gower Peninsula is an undulating countryside of hills and valleys, making much of it quite unsuitable for younger cyclists. The south Gower roads are also crowded with summer traffic during the more popular cycling months which really dictate its suitability to the more experienced bicycle rider only.

That noted, Swansea Council has fully appreciated the desirability of creating a network of cycle paths through the region and, traffic free (except for pedestrians who share all these routes), they offer as rich a variety of routes as available anywhere else in the country.

Cycling on Oxwich Beach

Crofty to Llanrhidian

Another favoured cycle route follows the Burry Estuary, Gower from Crofty to Llanrhidian. Although not a cycle path per se, this is a very quiet, gently curving route taking in a very wide expanse of National Trust managed estuary.

The road is suitable for the whole family to enjoy a day's cycling, though caution should be exercised towards the close of the route at Llanrhidian. Here, the road climbs away from the estuary through a short tract of winding country lane where oncoming traffic should be watched for.

The track offers excellent views towards Llanelli and Carmarthen, the rugged northern coastline of the Gower Peninsula, the distant enigmatic ruins of Weobley Castle and the infinite variety of wildlife associated with this region - particularly heron, stickleback, frog, toad, rabbit and the occasional fox.

The estuary is marked with a myriad of small pools, which, after a retreating tide (which closes the road at high spring tides), contains numerous tiny dog fish and flat fish. Ponies graze the marshland here also and will readily take any food that might be offered to them.

An extended route can also be continued from the top of Llanrhidian by taking the road right from the crossroads. Here you will find the quintessential quiet countryside of north Gower - complete with rural villages and churches and also a couple of castles.

Clyne Valley

Cycling in Clyne Valley

Clyne Valley cycle path can be found about half way around Swansea Bay. The route dissects the quiet woodland of Clyne Valley and continues through Dunvant to the large conurbation of Gowerton. A return journey is approximately 16 km.


Another fine cycle path can be explored along Penclawdd that tracks the easterly approach of the Burry Estuary and dips through a fine mini woodland. Excellent for very young children.

Cycle Shops near Gower

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