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Mention of the Gower Peninsula naturally attracts visions of wide stretches of golden sand, wooded valleys, secluded coves and magnificent limestone coastland. Perhaps strangely, what does not often come to mind are the numerous villages which combine to give Gower its equally charming human dimension.

Given the rural nature of Gower, many of the villages held quite distinct histories until the motorcar brought homogeneity to countryside life, and to much of Britain as a whole. During these early times, people seldom travelled between villages and, left very much to themselves, each locale developed separate and sometimes quite contrasting identities.

Even today, some distinct character remains to each individual village. So next time, whilst travelling through Llangennith on the way to the beach or heading through the winding lanes of South Gower looking for a place to pitch a tent or park your caravan for the weekend, why not take time out to explore the history, meet the people or just take in the atmosphere of Gower's lesser known but equally rich environments?


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