Gower Wildlife

Together with the diverse landscape found in Gower comes diverse habitats and the resultant wide and varied wildlife.

With its coastal cliffs, sand dunes, salt marshes, fresh water ponds/rivers, woodland, scrub and open commons on both acid and limestone soils, Gower, despite its small size, is teaming with wildlife opportunities.

Most species of British mammals can be found here, including the rare glimpse of otter or badger.

Insects and spiders, many quite rare, thrive in the region, particularly within the extensive dune systems and woodland.

The marshy/tidal flatlands, woodlands and clifftops are home to a vast variety of birds, with the Outer Head of Worm's Head being a notably breeding ground for sea birds.

Gower's cliffs also provide numerous caves that have become a over-wintering habitat for bats.


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