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There is no mystery as to why there have been more books on Gower walks published than on any other topic related to this magnificent peninsula. Put quite simply, there is just no way to fully appreciate the breadth of Gower's wildlife, history, geology and natural beauty without leaving the car and taking to one of the countless footpaths which criss-cross this countryside.

Coastal footpath

Mewslade, Whiteford, Blue Pool Bay, Worm's Head and Pwlldu are just a few of Gower's land/sea scapes which cannot be explored without at least a moderate stroll. Rarer treasures, such as Whiteford Lighthouse, Rhossili's Sweyne Howes and Tor Bay, require even longer rambles.

But these prized destinations do not stand in sparse, desolate locations. The various routes leading to them are filled with many delights - enough to reward any walk in themselves. Standing stones, ancient burial sites, woodland brimming with flora and fauna, open commons shared with roaming ponies, whole stretches of sheltered beach shared with no-one but a possible walking partner, medieval castles and churches all await those able and willing to leave the shelter of their cars and take to Gower's open countryside.

Walking - the sport of philosophers
And no arena sharpens the senses like that of Gower's famed peninsula
Brisk walks along mighty arcs of golden sand
Dune grasses nodding in the tousling sea breeze
Gulls crying overhead as they circle and dive and career
Song birds chirupping amongst emerald canopies
Beneath which winding paths unfold towards secret coves and ancient undisclosed vistas
Past quiet, glistening ponds, bejewelled by flashing dragonflies
Through meadows, rich with future harvests
Scents and sounds bewilder and delight
And sights stir and giddy the spirit with their splendour
Megaliths, dolmens, menhirs
Stone messages from long forgotten ancestors
Rise from the earth - enigmatic, wise sentinels
Reminders of our transience as we pass
And make paths for future generations to follow.


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