Bosco's Den

SS 5591 8684

Bosco's Den (also known as Bacon's Eye) is a double cave, the lower entrance can only be reached at low tide and then requires a steep climb down to the shore and then another 290 metres scramble up the cliff's east wall. A further, rather perilous, excursion along a crumbling ledge finally needs negotiating before the cave is finally reached.

The triangular shaped cave, is 3 metres wide by 7 metres high and extends some 19 metres into the cliff rock. The west wall of the cave has stony material adhering to it, amongst which can be found the toothless mandible of a fox.

The cave once contained a large stalactite, but only the stump of this remains embedded in the cave's roof - earlier explorers having removed it. Rarely visited due to its difficult access the cave has yielded the finds of bear and wolf bone and an incredible 1100 shed reindeer antlers.

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