Leather's Hole, Tor Bay

SS 5299 8767

Easily viewed from Three Cliffs Bay, Leather's Hole cave has an impressive entrance high in the cliff face of Great Tor.

Leather's Hole


The entrance height of 3 metres extends to 4 metre once inside and the internal width of 2.4 metres makes this cave a relatively habitable chamber. With a walking height depth of 11 metres the chamber leads to a low arch towards a smaller chamber deep within the rock. A passage way on the right leads to another higher entrance on the cliff face, 5 metres away.

Although this cave is difficult to reach, over the years, it has been visited by many people, due to it's prominence. However, this cave is an established hibernation habitat for bats, so care must be taken not to disturb them.

Past excavations have uncovered animal remains from the Pleistocene epoch, such as bones of mammoth, woolly rhinocerous, wolf and hyaena. The mammoth remains are believed to have been dragged into the cave by either wolves or hyaenas during a time when the cave was more accessible. There is no evidence of human occupation for any length of time.

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