Rother's Tor Cave

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The construction of the Osborne Hotel at Rotherslade gave rise to the discovery of Rother's Tor Cave. Numerous prehistoric finds of Pleistocene fauna were uncovered within the cave in 1892 and examined briefly by the Swansea Scientific Society.  Like many other Gower caves finds, these can be viewed at Swansea Museum.

Rother's Tor Cave

Rother's Tor Cave had to be filled in before any detailed excavation could take place due to fears of undermining the foundations of the hotel. Traces of the lower parts of Rother's Tor Cave, however, can still be found in the rock face.

Alfred Sisley

Alfred Sisley, the famous Impressionist artist, stayed in the hotel during his honeymoon in 1897 and painted five pictures of the large rock (Storr Rock) close to the cave entrance, at different times of the day and in various weather conditions.

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