Cheriton Church

St. Cadoc's Church

Cheriton Church was once believed to have been built as a replacement for an abandoned church, dedicated also to St. Cadoc, at the nearby Landimore. The historian and former rector of Llanmadoc and Cheriton, Reverend J. D. Davies, postulated this theory, supported by a number of historical records which seemed to suggest a church once existed within the parish at Landimore, whereas later records mention the church at Cheryton.

Cheriton Church

However, the surviving episcopal registers of St. David's, which were eventually published six years after J. D. Davies' death, refer to Landimore Church in documents as late as 1513 and 1518, over two centuries after Cheriton Church was founded. This and the lack of remains and recorded folk memory of a church at Landimore seem to point towards the theory that the two churches are one and the same.

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