Llanddewi Church

St. David's Church

The somewhat wonky church in Llanddewi was built by Henry de Gower, 1328-1347 and was dedicated to St. David. It is said that the original builders could not agree upon the direction of true east.  The curiously positioned church can be accessed via a wide farm yard.

The oldest memorial slab to be observed here is that of Reverend Silvanus Prosser, the late vicar of Llanddewi, who died in 1737. The single bell enclosed in the saddleback roofed tower was cast in Somerset in 1781and is described as the largest and loudest in Gower.{pgslideshow id=63|height=400|delay=500|image=L}

The church was restored in 1876 and 1905 and is open from Easter until the close of October.

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