Reynoldston Church

St. George's Church

Dedicated to St. George (illustrating how the church, like the village, is of Anglo-Norman origin), the present church is a 19th century construction. The original church was built sometime in the 13th century and is believed to have possessed a fine thatched roof at that time. By the 19th Century, however, this earlier church had fallen into quite a bad state of disrepair and a new church was ordered to be built upon the older church's foundations. This, slightly larger, church opened in 1867.

Reynoldston Church

An interesting feature of St. George's Church is its font, which is constructed from a large block of stalagmite, believed to have been excavated from one of Gower's very own caves.

Pillar Cross, Reynoldston ChurchThe church also contains one of the oldest Christian monuments in Gower - a pillar cross dating back to 900a.d, before the Normans came to Britain. The decoration is said to show the influence of the early Irish Church.

One side of the stone bears a simple celtic-style cross, whilst the other side shows evidence of more carved work. The original site of the monument is unknown, however Mr John Lucas of Stouthall (whose memorial stones can also be found within Reynoldston Church), apparently found the pillar cross somewhere on his property around the year 1800. He re-erected it in a field on the land he owned, atop a mound where he had buried his favourite horse. However, during a reassessment of the stone's current condition and level of protection in 1976, the Department of the Environment (Ancient Monuments Wales branch) decided that it ought to be placed under cover to protect it from further surface erosion caused by the harsh Gower environs (frequent wind and rain). The stone was formally presented to Reynoldston Church in 1977 where it was re-erected.

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