Giant's Grave

Parc le Breos Chamber

Easily found by following the private road beside The Gower Heritage Centre, through Parkwood, Giant's Grave is a Severn/Cotswold style long chambered cairn, dating back to the later part of earlier Neolithic times.

Giant's Grave

It was discovered by workmen removing stone in 1869 and was subsequently excavated, then re-excavated in 1960-61. The remains of around forty people were found in the 1869 excavation, together with some shards of Neolithic pottery. Some of the bones buried here showed signs of weathering which suggests that the bodies were maybe ritualistically exposed to the elements (excarnation) before the bones were added to the chambers. It is also thought that the cairn was continually used over several hundred years as bones found in the passageway of the tomb were dated hundreds of years later than those buried in the chambers.

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