Mumbles is a busy seaside resort that skirts the corner of coastline that divides Swansea Bay from Gower. A tourist's haven, the area features:

  • the magnificent Norman remains of Oystermouth Castle
  • a Victorian pier, brimming with modern café and amusement amenities
  • three small and sheltered beaches - Mumbles Beach, Bracelet Bay and Limeslade
  • extensive shopping facilities, ranging from high-class boutiques to craft galleries and gift shops
  • sports and leisure activities, including fishing, waterskiing, sailing, windsurfing, cycling, golf, bowls and tennis
  • evening entertainment, from restaurants to ice-cream parlours and wine bars to many, many pubs, historically known as the 'Mumbles Mile'.  This is actually a two-mile stretch on Mumbles Road that in its hey-day boasted more than 20 pubs. Now there are only 9 pubs left.
  • a full-range of exciting annual events, carnivals and sporting competitions
  • commanding views eastwards over the coastal stretches of Swansea, Neath, Port Talbot and Porthcawl and, during particularly clear conditions, southwards to the coast of Devon.

The name Mumbles is derived from the French "Mamelles", meaning breasts, and refers to the appearance of the twin islets off Mumbles Head, the outer of which hosts the peninsula's only surviving working lighthouse.

The road, which hugged the sea all the way from Swansea, now veers sharply from the coast at Limeslade, but for those who wish to explore the finer delights this coastline has to offer the walker, a well maintained footpath continues from this point westward all the way to the spectacular land's end of Worm's Head.

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