Oxwich NNR

Protected under:

  • Oxwich Bay SSSI
  • Gower Ash Woodlands SAC

Oxwich Burrows


A well-developed, calcium-rich dune system called Oxwich Burrows, with saltmarsh, freshwater lakes and marshes together with adjacent oak, ash and sycamore woodlands on limestone slopes, make Oxwich the most richly diverse habitat in Gower.


The flower-laden dune slacks are home to large numbers of orchids in spring and early summer.  600 species of plant have been recorded here and include: stinking helleborine, dune gentian, round-leaved wintergreen and rock whitebeam. The oak and ash woodland cliffs also include wild sevice and wych elm.  

Birds include warblers such as: Cetti’s warbler, reed warbler, sedge warbler and a few overwintering wildfowl like teal and gadwall.  The rare bittern has recently returned after a long absence.

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