Peel Wood

Peel Wood

Wildlife Trust Reserve - Oystermouth

Peel Wood is a small secondary broadleaved woodland within a disused limestone quarry called Callencroft Quarry (closed sometime between 1880 and 1899). The woodland is predominately sycamore, with some ash and oak. Early Spring is heralded by naturalised daffodils and solomon's seal followed by ransoms from April till June. Ivy, hart's tongue and soft shield fern offer greenery in the shade. There is a good range of woodland birds including breeding Tawny Owl, Great Tit, Blue Tit and Wren. This is also a good site to see the locally rare Marble White butterfly (between June and August).

The reserve was acquired in 1969, and the freehold was bequeathed to The Glamorgan County Naturalists Trust by Mrs Sybil Mary Peel after her death in April 1979.

Access to the woodland is from Newton Road following a path close to the "Sunnyside" old people's home and through the gate into the reserve. Extra care needs to be taken on the paths surrounding the old quarry.

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