Bat Hole

SS 4964 9225

This cave is located just a metre from the stone style at the rear of Llanrhidian Church. Mysteriously known as Bat Hole (the cavern seems totally unsuitable for bats), the cave has a rather curious little fable attached to it concerning a priest, some gnomes and some hoarded treasure.

Bat Hole

Climbing over the style, from the churchyard, a couple of further steps along the footpath should reveal the entrance of Bat Hole to the left. Undergrowth surrounds the opening, which is a dangerous four metre plunge in the ground.

At the foot of this drop, a rather cramped crawl opens into a muddy sixteen metre long by three and a half metre high chamber where the sound of an underground stream can be heard gurgling. This stream feeds the mill pond, located a little to the north of Llanrhidian Church.

Bat Hole was excavated by the Taylors in 1952.

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