Fishing in Gower


Late summer evenings around high tide, with a bait of crab, sand-eel or rag worm, will often yield good catches of flatfish, mackerel and bass around Knab Rock (an earlier dig along Swansea Bay will result in a plentiful supply of rag-worm for the twilight fish).

Mumbles Pier is another popular fishing haunt, but access here is dependent upon a fee (per rod). The fish here, which include bass and cod, as well as mullet, often group around the pillars of the pier and can sometimes be seen prior to the catch! Rag-worms or simple bread often provide the best lure here.

Fishing in Mumbles

The two Mumbles' islets are yet another popular fishing venue here. Access can be difficult in this area, however, and a keen eye should be kept on the tide. If stranded on the islets, do not attempt to wade back to the mainland as the currents here can be truly treacherous. The best bet is to wait a few hours after high tide and then follow the tide out to the islets. This will allow a good couple of hours of good fishing. Pollack, wrasse, bass and mackerel of decent size can be caught from the islets with a bait of soft crab.


Langland is a good spot with easy access. The usual catch here is bass.


Caswell is a good beach and rock fishing from here to Pwlldu, with peeler crab usually netting ample mackerel, garfish and bass.

Three Cliffs

Bass and mackerel are the easiest catches here and can be fished from Three Cliffs beach itself or from the rocks around here, Pobbles and Tor Bay.


Oxwich is a very popular beach for angling with a very expansive stretch of sand and good parking facilities. Although the beach is well used by anglers, a better catch can usually be gained from the rocks immediately to the fore of Oxwich Church and, especially Oxwich Point. Mackerel, lug-worm or peeler crab should bag you some good sized bass here.

Port Eynon

Bass and mackerel are the usual catch here and are best fished for on the rocks past the ruins of the Port Eynon Salthouse. Peeler crab will probably offer your best chance of a good catch here.

Worm's Head, Rhossili

Worm's Head in Rhossili is a great location for the angler with several good spots for setting up rod. Again, do not attempt to return to the mainland if you are caught out by the incoming tide! For bass, fish towards the south facing side of the Worm.

The north facing aspect of the islet is best fished for mackerel and the occasional bull huss. For bait, try gathering locally from the causeway immediately prior to your session on the Worm.

Fishing at Fall Bay


A very popular beach during the summer evenings but also a good locale for the serious angler. A ready supply of razorfish, crab or lug-worm can bag some decent sized bass and flatfish here.

For mackerel or mullet, the islet of Burry Holmes is the best bet at Llangennith. Watch the tide though! Here soft bait such as crab or mussel is the preferred lure.

Note that the Hillend gates that provide main access here are locked at midnight.

Whiteford Sands

The large expanse of quiet sands at Whiteford offer a multitude of locations to set up rod and line. Flatfish and bass are the usual catches here using lug or rag-worm (which can be dug for locally). At low tide, fishing at the disused lighthouse can result in a good catch of flatfish.

Angling Shops near Gower

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