Carline Thistle

Much like the features of everlasting flowers; the carline thistle Carlina vulgaris flowers, once dead, hardly alter their appearance. The whole plant is remarkably durable. 

Carline Thistle

The plant is named after Emporer Charlemagne, whose name in German was Carl the Great, who used the thistle against an epidemic of the plague which was killing his soldiers.

In medieval times, people believed that carrying the herb would protect them from harm and draw strength from other people and even animals.

The golden, dried flowers respond to the amount of humidity in the air and can be used as rustic hygrometers, being often seen nailed over European cottage doors either for this purpose, or to ward off evil spirits and bad luck.

Carline thistle can be found on Burry Holmes, Oxwich dunes and Paviland, to name a few locations.

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