Sea Campion

Sea Campion, Silene uniflora (previously Silene maritima)is easily confused with Bladder Campion, Silene vulgaris, due to the veiny bladder-like swelling behind the petals.  

Sea Campion

The main difference between the two plants are the five petals of the Sea Campion are more compact with no gaps showing between them whereas Bladder Campion has deep clefts that spilt the five petals so they almost look like 10 petals.

According to folklore, Sea Campion should never be picked or brought into the house for fear of tempting death. It is thought the superstition was a way to dissuade children from attempting to reach the flowers that usually grow on steep cliffs and rocky ledges.

Other common names include 'dead man's bells', 'witches' thimbles' and 'Devil's hatties'.

Seeding Sea Campion

Salt-tolerant Sea Campion can be found on Burry Holmes, Port Eynon Point and other Gower cliff ledges; in flower from June to August.

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