Eroded sea wall at Langland Bay

During the storms and high-tides of mid-October 2012, a section of the sea wall and promenade at Langland Bay suffered collapse overnight.  A pedestrian diversion has been put in place, to avoid the eroded pathway, via the upper level path in front of the iconic beach huts.

Locals who lease the beach huts are not happy that beachgoers and walkers will be diverted so close to the huts and want to see Swansea Council repair the wall as soon as possible, however the council who have set aside £400,000 for the repairs and improvements, have stated they will commence the repairs in September 2013 when the holiday season ends.  Unfortunately this will mean that the path will be closed for nearly a full year.

Historically the bay has bore the brunt of the invasive and stormy nature of the sea. Before the 1970s, when the beach was famous for its canvas beach tents pitched during the summer months, these would often get swept away by the high tides at the end of the holiday season.  Then in November 2001 Swansea Council needed to establish how to deal with sea wall which was in danger of collapse - after looking at the available options they agreed to carry out the required coastal-protection work.


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