On the night of the 24th October, 1894, the Vennerne, a 375 ton barque, took shelter from rough winds in Rhossili Bay. Here, unfortunately, it found itself in further trouble as it dragged its anchor when the wind suddenly veered north-west. The Rhossili L.S.A., alerted by distress rockets, attempted to launch a safety line from the cliffs near Old Castle earthworks but failed to target the ship.

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Carrying the equipment down to the beach to attempt a further launch of their rocket line from there, they saw a light heading inland from the ship. Thankfully, the crew of the doomed Vennerne had managed to launch a small whaling boat and to navigate it safely ashore with no loss of life.

The following day, the Vennerne wrecked itself against the rocks of Rhossili Cliffs where its remains can still be seen today.

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