Port Eynon Point Cave

SS 4682 8436

Port Eynon Point Cave is believed to have been quite habitable for animals during times of low sea level, however, today it is particularly hard to access, similar to nearby Culver Hole.

Port Eynon Point Cave

At least 43 species of bird bones were unearthed from the cave debris by H. A. Cook in 1932 - species of note are the Junglefowl, Great Buzzard, Black Redstart and Redbilled Chough dating from the Early Holocene epoch. Although it is not fully understood how these bird bones came to rest here (the most likely scenario being either shore scavenging mammals or birds of prey), there is no evidence to suggest that humans have occupied or used the cave. It is highly possible that further excavations will yield more remains buried in the clay and stalagmite deposits.

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