St. Paul's Church


Built in memory of Jesse Vivian, wife of Henry Hussey Vivian, by the Vivian family of Singleton Abbey on the northern edge of what is now Singleton Park. Jesse Vivian died at the young age of 22 years, shortly after giving birth to the newly wed couple's first child. Henry Hussey Vivian was understandably inconsolable and told of "the blight which has fallen on me and the blessing that still remains". The Vivian family were very keen to secure the memory of the young Jesse and within 3 years of her death, on 27th September 1850 the church was consecrated by the Bishop of St. David's. For the first few months, St. Paul's was a chapel of ease to St. Mary's Church but on 3rd February 1851, by order of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, Sketty became a parish district in its own right - 'The District Chapelry of Sketty'.

St Paul's managed to survived the bombs of the Second World War, however one night, the church narrowly escaped a similar fate to that of St. Mary's when it was surrounded by incendiary bombs.

The church has its orignal eight bells, which were renovated after the war costing £1,000. The tenor bell weighs a hefty 13 cwt. They are rung regularly for services and for practice.

The church is open for worship with services usually at 8.00a.m, 9.30a.m, 11.00a.m and 6.30p.m. every Sunday and on Wednesdays at 11.00a.m. Please check first to avoid disappointment.

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