Three Cliffs Bay

One of Gower's more famous treasures, Three Cliffs Bay is one of the most photographed places on the peninsula. 

Three Cliffs is a remote, difficult to access bay, ideal for the serious enthusiast, or competent trekker rather than those with young children or the infirm. The easier route to the beach follows the footpath from the car park at Southgate or the harder route starts from Parkmill and through the woods following the signs to the beach.

Three Cliffs

The three linked and pointed cliff faces that jut into the bay are very popular with climbers and give the beach its name. Their limestone strata are punctured by a fully formed natural archway that leads to the quiet Pobbles Beach. Dividing the bay is the snake-like Pennard Pill and nearby sand dunes.

At low tide Pobbles is indistinguishable from that of Three Cliffs Bay but, as the sea heads inland, the cliffs soon separate the two from one another. At very low waters it is possible to walk along the sands of Pobbles Beach, Three Cliffs Bay, Tor Bay and Oxwich Bay without a break.

Warning: Do not bathe at Three Cliffs or nearby Pobbles Bay as they are susceptible to extremely dangerous rip tides and estuarine 'freshes' with the Pennard Pill entering the Bristol Channel here.

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