Tor Gro


Tor Gro is a wild, windswept, margin of wooded clifftop that separates the southern edge of Landimore Marsh, protecting and sheltering the farmland behind. The steep limestone rock face rises behind the woodland at heights of between 60 and 79 metres.

Tor Gro

Evidence of the area's prehistory was discovered by Colonel Wood of Stouthall, when excavating North Hill Tor cave in 1869. Despite the cave's eventual destruction by extensive quarrying, archeological finds such as bones from hyena, cave bear and woolly rhinoceros, indicate cave activity dating back to the Ice Ages.

Early human activity is also attested by the flint tools found in the cave; and a Neolithic polished stone axe, uncovered from the scree between Tor Gro wood and Landimore Marsh, in January 1989. More established human communities settled at North Hill Tor camp, possibly during the Iron Age.

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