Hangman's Cross to Beggar's Pit

Overhead Map from Google

Okay, let's start exploring. This is a short but intriguing (and often water-logged) walk.  We start off at Hangman's Cross, in an area of Gower that was once known as Cold Comfort. It is believed that a gibbet was once erected here and it is interesting to note that one of the joining lanes here (not the one I will be taking here) is called Graves Lane!

Hangman' Cross Viewed from Grave's Lane

The track on the opposite side to Grave's Lane is the one to follow to reach Beggar's Pit. 

Unfortunately, this is often very muddy going, but it is negotiable with a little care:

It takes only a few minutes on foot to reach Beggar's Pit.

Beggar's Pit

This now overgrown pit is believed to hold the graves of numerous people who died from The Great Plague but were too poor to afford a private burial spot.

Beggar's Pit

This whole area is reputedly haunted and there is a definite sense of unwelcome in this quiet area of Gower...